The Retrievers Guild

Shadowy Crown

John F. Sasso

Cast of Characters:
Moldank Blackband the goblin, played by John Sasso
Snarlutzok Skorgluk the hobgobin, played by John Sasso

Game Master:
Douglas Jackson

The Chronicles of Moldank the Goblin:

Moldank was in the final weeks of his apprenticeship at the Retriever's Guild in Schteinberg. Business was slow. He heard someone talking in the main room, and the hairs at the base of his next stood on end. He stopped sweeping and poked his head through the drapery. Snarlutzok, Moldank's instructor in the arts of retrieving, handed some papers to a cloaked shadowy figure, who signed them without reading them, turned, and quickly left through the front door into the stormy night. Moldank went back to his sweeping.

In the morning Moldank was awakened as usual, by a kick to the back of the head from Snarlutzok's boot. He spent the day collecting provisions and preparing the horses. When the sun began to set, the two of them rode off north through the winding mountain pass toward Tharko. Snarlutzok occasionally consulted a map. Two days later they arrived at a narrow staircase carved into the rock face of a looming cliff. They ascended the stairs, kicking bones and rocks out of the way. On the top of the plateau stood a ruined fortress town. Snarlutzok prodded Moldank ahead, and they entered a gaping hole down into the bowls of the ruins.

Inside they fought zombies, centipedes, and a giant spider, before Moldank found a golden crown hidden behind an ancient throne. Snarlutzok took the crown, cuffed the goblin on the side of the head, and led him back home to the guild hall.

A couple of days later, the shadowy figure returned to take the crown and pay for the retrieving services. The figure cackled evilly and left. Moldank shuddered and went back to his sweeping.