The Retrievers Guild

Rat Holes in the Hall

John F. Sasso

Cast of Characters:
Moldank Blackband the goblin, played by John Sasso
Snarlutzok Skorgluk the hobgobin, played by John Sasso
Bi Bimbop, played by Martin Melhus
Gamilan the dwarf, played by Martin Melhus

Game Master:
Douglas Jackson

The Chronicle of Moldank the Goblin:

Moldank was cleaning up the dishes after the evening meal at the Retreivers Guild. He though that his menial duties would have been over when his apprenticeship ended, but the guild master explained that he was so good at sweeping and cleaning and toting that he could have the job for life. He was overjoyed and thanked the guild master for thinking so highly of him. He tripped and plates scattered across the floor. As he was picking them up, he noticed a hole in the back of the fireplace, as if something had been clawing its way through from the other side. He jumped up and down and pointed until the others noticed his schinanigans.

The guild master, a giant of a man, or maybe a small ogre, no one could be sure, dumped a bucket of water on the fire and shoved Moldank through the hole. He fell several feet into an underground chamber. Small red rat eyes glowed in the gloom. When they were certain that he had not been eaten by a monster, Snarlutzok, Bi Bimbop, and Gamilan followed.

Down below they discovered a long series of disused chambers and tunnels. They fought skeletons and dodged muck monsters. They found piles of decaying lint and broken crossbow traps behind doors. With no reason to continue exploring, they returned to the guild hall and put Moldank to work bricking up the hole. The rest sat around and discussed the meaning of the hole and the tunnels. No resolution was forthcoming.