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A Dimensional Interlude

Tales of the Bizarre

Martin Shaver

Old One Ear here. I knew we should have left well enough alone. But that sounds like I'm bitter. Let me explain.

We found this 'ship' sometime back. 'Ship' because it doesn't sail in the water, it sails through space or something! And 'sometime' because I don't know how long we've been lost.

We found our way into this thing and starting messing with the levers and gears and buttons and before we knew it, we were someplace else. Where? I haven't the slightest idea!

And the worst part was that the longer we stayed inside, the more we began to change. Something in the air, I guess... Anyways, it's wierd. I mean, you're standing there, minding your own business and all of a sudden you've got a tail or webbed fingers or fur and it's like you've had it all your life! Still, even though you might grow another arm out of your back don't mean you get any special allowances for fighting or anything like that.

We have begun to learn how to use the ship to travel. I figured out what makes the machine work, sort of. I still have some problems now and then, but I got the gist of it. And I've even learned to function quite nicely with my new thorax and alligator tail, thank you.

We managed to stop the ship but wound up in a strange land full of strange looking rocks and trees. And people. They were shaped like eggs with arms and legs poking out of their sides. I couldn't see any eyes or mouth or anything like that.

That crazy Ixian started to jump about and dance with them. The eggs got very excited about this which made the Ixian more excited which made the eggs more excited which ... ah, you get the idea. We just watched in silence. By this point I had a ball for a leg so dancing about would have been, well, stranger than the Ixian.

Anyways, we learned that the EggFolk lived not too far from where we were. We followed them to their nest and watched them dance with each other. Turns out, since they had no mouths they danced to talk to each other. Pretty weird, huh?

Just about then, giant chickens or hawks or something crashed through the glass dome above the nest and began attacking! I would have thought that they would just sit on them but what do I know. Since the Ixian had grown fond of them, we shrugged and started attacking the BirdFolk. Some of us used the limbs we were born with and some used tentacles and sharp boney points and what have you (Mutation among the crew was fast and furious that adventure. ed.), but we succeeded in getting the BirdFolk away from there, or killing them outright.

We decided that we'd had enough fun for one weird place so we were leaving. The Ixian may or may not have converted some of the EggFolk to see the ways of Ix. They were very appreciative of his efforts, though, and gave him a clutch of Eggs for his very own. Which he took aboard the ship that changes everyone. Cap'n and I looked at each other and knew, without speaking, what the other was thinking: breakfast.

We started the engines and left that place, traveled for a bit, and ended up somewhere that looked a lot like home. But I already had a thorax, a huge tail, big bug eyes, a ball for a leg (both of which were stubby anyway) and a hunger for an EggFolk omlette. So I decided to stay with most of the crew.

Plus, I can't wait to see which EggFolk hatch and what happens to them. heh heh heh