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The Tales of the Haunted Tower

Martin Shaver

From "The Tales of the Haunted Tower"
By Tucker Fitzqonth
(translated from the Elvish by Brandt Ravenscraft, III, esq.)

While the other dwellers of the tower rested and recovered from their adventures, three fellows gathered goods to barter in the nearby city of man, Vindstadt. Qonth the Elder, who was still mourning the loss of his beloved, Teeba the Beautiful, had just ended his first month of tar-shurat and was therefore able to engage in the company of others for the first time. Duane the Ruddy-cheeked, a heary dwarfling, took a break from hueing his beard so that his skills in crafs would better aid the barter of good. Rodamace, the manling, would also accompany the others as his knowledge of magic was the greatest of those ill-fated adventurers who lived in the Haunted Tower.

The horses knew the way to the city leaving ample time for the fellows to talk. Though he did contribute to the conversation, Qonth was mostly silent, still in shock from his loss. He knew that he would be entering a period of silence and wondered if he could do his beloved justice with his display of affection. He also understood the significance of his mourning but attempting to refrain from having too somber a demeanor.

Duane talked constantly to the manling, Rodamace. Though weary from his adventures, Duance saw this diversion as a chance to plan for their future encounters with the newly-found goblins. For Duane was part of the scouting party who found the goblin city far beneath the lands of the Haunted Tower. They would have to be dealt with, one way or another.

The manling, Rodamace, remained an enigma. He seems to be an adequate wizard (for a manling) yet he simultaneously sold himself short. As if he were actually humble. He was of kind heart and had won the hearts of those around him. He was quiet on the journey as well, especially at night when he chose to read rather than discuss the events of the day.

They reached Vindstadt in short time. Making their way to the reputable smithy in town, Duane bartered for top price for the swords they had recovered in the catacombs below and between the Haunted Tower and the city of Vindstadt of the menfolk.

Using the money thus gained, plus a small contribution from their treasury, the elf, dward and manling then proceeded to the Stars Tower to have the magic contained within certain items divenated. Those wizards don't haggle. So the fellows paid the fees and learned of the mystic properties of the tainted items:

The Amulet of Tronzor: worn by Qonth, adds the the hero's ability in arms (+3 combat)

The Crown of Geronda: shared item, allows the user to communicate in another language after attunement and meditation (one language per expenditure, 1 POW gives duration 10 minutes, 2 POW gives 1 year + 1 day duration)

The Sceptre of Korath: shared item, allows the user to disguise his appearance after attunement and meditation (one diguise per expenditure, 1 POW gives duration of 10 minutes, 2 POW grants indefinite disguise)

The Ring of Falgoroth: worn by Duane, allows the wearer to influence one person after attunement and meditation (1 POW gives immediate influence, 2 POW allows for longer-lasting results)

The Ring of Madron: worn by Rodamace, allows the wearer to force a target to tell the truth (game affects / requirements not recorded beyond this)

Although the Wizards of the Star Tower shewed proper respect for the fellows, they nontheless remained aloof and otherwise indisposed. Rodamace seemed less afronted by their attitudes. Duane must have been accustomed to their ways. But Qonth remained curious about the ways of the menfolk. How strange their customs and manners!

Still, the fellows knew they must return to their new home. Though unaware of the troubles that would lie ahead, the three had forged a bond on this journey that would prove invaluable in the times to come.

-- end of chapter