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The March

Diary of Elgar I, Lord High King of Snarl Swamp

Douglas Jackson

Elgar - Doug J.
Brandt - Martin S.
Patch - Martin M.
Geena of Happy - Andy W.

Liathra - Doug J.
Funbar - Andy W.
Nancy - Martin S.
Dreg Zereg - Martin M.

5791, Winter

Dear diary,

We are not off to a good start. I had set forth with my loyal companions to visit the Arena in Zarko, the capital of Myseria. We had almost arrived and were just breaking down our camp when I noticed Brandt and Patch sneak off into the bushes. Thinking nothing of it I kept on ordering my retainers about. Unfortunately the royal twins of Myseria happened by at that time and got an eye full of lusty humans at play. Later that day I later tracked Brandt and patch down to the Zarko prison where they were being held serving out their seven day sentence, in separate cells of course.

After getting properly settled in Zarko we went to the Arena to watch the festivities. We spent the entire day watching the combatants and drinking the spirts. Maybe that is why it happened, but the next day we found ourselves entered in the rolls of Arena combatants.

Mine was the first combat of the day, I bravely entered the Arena and awaited my craven opponent. I did not have long to wait, a great Hill Naga from the Northern Waste slithered into the ring and towards me. I managed to get in the first attack, summoning a portion of the mystical energies at my command I did call forth a crimson blast of energy and directed it at my foe. Alas it was wounded but still it reared its body and struck at me with two of its great swords. I had no choice but to once more summon mystical energy but for a different purpose, I commanded the very air in front of me to block the blades' decent. Using my foes confusion at being unable to close with me I called forth another crimson blast and directed it towards the Naga. Ahh the scream of rage as I managed to inflict more hurt to it. Thus began a slow dance, me attacking the Naga with multiple crimson blasts and exerting my will upon the air to keep the blades from connecting with me. Only now do I remember the cries of the crowd, the yells for no mercy, the thumb of the arena master. I won the battle but I was many days recovering from the mighty mystical forces I had called forth that day. I donated my earnings to the Un-Legged Elven Horse persons' fund.

For winning my bout I was given a seat of honor to watch the rest of the combats. The next warrior up was the mighty half-orc Dreg Zereg. Dreg's opponent thundered into the ring, a giant Tyranosauros Rex! I turn to the bookie next to me and checked the odds; 10 - 1 not too bad. I wager 100 Gold on Dreg. Dreg gets in the first hit on the large tail but barely scratches that scaly hide. The T-Rex turns and snaps its jaws on Dreg, whips him (Elgar didn't look closely enough since Dreg is female, not male. But to an elf, an orc is an orc, eh? ed.) back and forth in the air and cast him crashing into the wall. Dreg crumpled to the ground and the fight was over. I lost my gold.

Funbar the dwarf is the next combat. He was to face a worthy rat. I check the odds, they are 4 - 1 in favor of Funbar; I bet 100 Gold on the rat. Another quick combat but Funbar came out on top, I lose my gold again.

The next combat is the giant Ant-person Nancy. She is going up against a real Giant (9 meters tall to be precise). My friend the bookie leans over and informs me the odds are 20 -1 against Nancy; I wager 100 gold. Nancy gets in the first strike against the Giant and manages to hurt him, but the Giant can give as good as he takes and gets an equally damaging strike against Nancy. With both combatants hurt in the first minute the bookie next to me starts counting through his receipts and mumbling to himself. The next thirty minutes are spent with the Giant and Nancy feinting and barely touching each other, both getting more and more weary. Finally Nancy gets a quick flash of energy and knocks out the Giant. I collect my winnings from the bookie, 2000 gold!

The final combat of the day is Liathra the dark elf verses a two headed ogre. The bookie eyes me warily and offers odds of 5 - 1 in favor of the ogre. I wager 10 gold on Liathra. She offers a mighty battle to the ogre but is knocked out in the end. Once more I lose my money. (The bookie quit the business that very day and was never seen in Miseria again. More on his story later. Ed.)

We retired back to the inn for many days of rest, my treat of course.