The Calendar in the House Campaign
John Sasso November 2, 2004

Calendar in the House Campaign

364 days in one year
4 seasons in one year
91 days in one season
13 weeks in one season
7 days in one week

One year:
rat season - 91 days
snake season - 91 days
malrog season - 91 days
gorilla season - 91 days

One season:
13 weeks, numbered 1 through 13

One week:
Smidgeday (Dragon Day) - the day of rest
Ahlday (Troll Day) - first day back to work
Ghousday (Manticore Day)
Wozday (Wyvern Day)
Broonsday (Griffin Day)
Frogeday (Sphinx Day)
Huwesday (Unicorn Day)

Dates are recorded:
Day, Week, Season, Year

Date Examples:
Ahlday, 1, Rat, 5790

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