One Hundred Deaths of Ix

One hundred of the one thousand deaths of Ix.

D100 Roll One Hundred Deaths of Ix
1 Accidentally spilled oil and fell into the fireplace
2 An accident testing out a new guillotine
3 Arm wrestled a troll
4 Arrow in one ear and out the other
5 Assassinated for knowing too much
6 Ate the pretty berries
7 Ball room blitzed
8 Barrel hit a rock going over the Gnarwood Falls
9 Bashed over the head by a mugger
10 Beheaded as a heretic
11 Blasted into bits by a jealous wizard husband
12 Bled to death trying to climb a wall of thorns
13 Boat hit an iceberg while racing
14 Brain exploded while trying to solve a riddle
15 Brain hemorrhage after eating too much herring
16 Brain picked in an experiment gone awry
17 Buried alive in Darbonia
18 Burned while sleeping
19 Cheated at dice with an ogre
20 Chewed own tongue rather than apologize
21 Chocked on a chicken bone
22 Choked on a peach pit
23 Choked on a weasel sausage sandwich
24 Coconut cream pie explosion
25 Covered in honey, eaten by bears
26 Covered in milk, licked to death by alley cats
27 Cut an artery while shaving
28 Cut own head off with an axe
29 Decided to have a seat on a wound catapult
30 Drowned in a pool of his own tears
31 Drowned in a vat of chicken soup
32 Eaten alive by blood worms
33 Eaten by pirhanna
34 Fed to roc chicks
35 Fell down the castle staircase
36 Fell into a deep sleep and buried alive
37 Fell into a pit full of slugs
38 Fell into the deepest gopher hole anyone did see
39 Fell off a cliff playing blind man's bluff
40 Fell off his camel
41 Fired the wrong end of a crossbow
42 Forced to drink poison by irate priests
43 Forced to perform the dance of jittery doom
44 Got drunk, fell out of the tower window
45 Got lost in a snow storm
46 Got lost in the Labyrinth of Gritt
47 Got too close to the tiger in the cage
48 Ground to meal at the mill
49 Had a heart attack at a brothel
50 Heart exploded while running away from tax collectors
51 Hit a moose while skiing
52 Hit over the head with a gin bottle
53 Hit with a frying pan
54 Hot air balloon caught fire
55 Hung for treason in Garnia
56 Insulted an amazon
57 Insulted one too many dwarves
58 Jumped over a wall and landed on a halberd
59 Locked himself into the treasure vault
60 Locked in a winery, died of sulphate poisoning
61 Married the wrong mobster's daughter
62 Piano fell on his head
63 Picked the wrong mushrooms
64 Poisoned by a business associate
65 Pushed through a plate glass window during a drunken brawl
66 Ran his wagon off of a cliff
67 Reminded the king of Disturbia of his true parentage
68 Ripped apart by the thing in the pit
69 Run over by a dung cart
70 Sank into quicksand
71 Sat on a poison tack
72 Sat on by a giant
73 Served for troll dinner
74 Shot in the back while running away from a battle
75 Skinned alive by a witch doctor
76 Slipped in the bath tub
77 Sneezed on by a fire breathing dragon
78 Sneezed to death at the pepper mill
79 Stabbed by an irate lover
80 Stabbed himself with a letter opener
81 Stepped on a poisonous snake
82 Stepped on by a giant
83 Struck by lightning twice while playing golf
84 Stumbled and hit his head on the only rock for miles
85 Succabused
86 Sucked dry by a dozen vampire wenches
87 Sucked into a pipe organ
88 Surfed the tidal wave
89 Swallowed a handful of rocks, keeled over a week later
90 Swallowed an icky thing
91 Swallowed by a gobbeldygook
92 Thrown from a speeding sleigh
93 Thrown out of a tower window
94 Tickled to death by evil clowns
95 Took a swing at the wrong guard during a riot
96 Trampled by a herd of elephants
97 Turned into a fly by an evil wizard and eaten by a frog
98 Wasting disease
99 While cliff diving, missed the water, hit the rocks
100 While on picnic, sank in the swamp

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