IGS Games House Campaign Adventure Notes

December 17, 2005

Author:  Douglas Jackson

Liarthra - Doug Jackson
Lahaim - Kirk L.

Papa gives us 2 rings of Menscathulus as gifts for hard work, now we leave on a quest to find the staff of Menscathulus.

In the middle of the badlands is the tower of Lebab, might have a staff or a clue.

Burial vaults, court magi, sinister activity, expeditionary force, no one returned. We leave for the tower, 200 km away, a 6 day journey.

Tower - a cylinder of metal looking stone. NO entrance. 75 feet tall, 205 feet in diameter. Lithara find a hidden stone that opens a door.

Door opens to long walkway 80 meters long. Ditch on either side 10 meters wide, 50 feet deep. On other side of ditch is a flat surface. Ceiling is 30 feet up. Bottom of ditch is filled with bones and debris, something is moving in it. Save with flat surface. Things take to the air and swarm around. 17 harpies. We kill 2 with missles, 5 each attach us. Laheim falls unconscious after combat, needs healing potions.

The pit is filled with giant beetles.

We get across the pit by carving Poat's thighbone into a grappling hook. We find swords, spears, 350gp, 150sp. We also find a trap door leading down to a spiral staircase going 100 feet down. The tower we saw was really only the top of a much larger tower. The staircase leads down to a annoying maze. We get stuck in the maze for a day. We spend the time killing imps and listening to weird noises.

We find a cave with a pool and violet fungus and crying mushrooms. Nasty things in the water are eating the mushrooms, Nixies. Liarthra cooks a troll liver fondu for them. They present Lehaim with a magic sword. Liathra trades a potion of cat form to the nixies for a Staff of Menscathulus. The staff lets the user cast spells as a 20th level mage. The ring has points of power in it to power the staff.

We go out the back door to the room into big room with zombies. There is a balcony around the room with 25 zombie archers on it, on the floor are 10 zombies with halberds.

We retreat, go to assemble a larger party to take on the zombie mini-horde.