IGS Games House Campaign Adventure Notes

December 2, 2004

Author:  Kirk L.

A purple day

Papa Lazano has a letter to beldelivedr to the Lady of the Traveling tower.
The tower is sometimes found in Norvold Forst. Liarthra and Lehim set out
on horseback. The lady takes the letter and is please enough that we have
dinner with her and get +1 charm.

We pick up a package for Kreglar which is to be hand delivered. He is to be
found at the Inn in Frisk named Dancing Ear Louse Inn. When we got there we
were told that Kreglar went to Danwich. We went to Danwich by way of
Malgrot on the lake. We opted not to go by Kaniption Pass. When we got
there they were having a barefoot race so we left as soon as possible. I
disguises%09really seemed to work.

In the open lands we encountered a Leaf Fiend. It went after our horses and
we went after it. The horse needed a potion to get better which it did.

A circus then came traveling through.

We get to Danwich and start looking for Kreglar at the out of town inns. We
are told he is going to two places. At this point we go to the local
wizards for help. They find our Kreglar in Isbania at the cost of 4

The wizards want us to complete an adventure for the nor of town at Ludka in
the tower of Bumulec. We go down the stairs and see twigs and leaves. We
hear orcs and 3 are no longer with the world. We then find the orc they
were protecting at a desk filling out forms.

We then meet 3 skeletons which are very nasty. The skeletons have brass
bracers and there sis a shadow demon monkey. Long drown out battle where
Lehim had very little impact. There is some scale armor size 11 which is
too big. Elvin blue boy boots, a leather pouch, 3 1000 gems and on the
Pedestal the thing for the wizard.

The wizards teleport us to Veracity. As expected, it is on the wrong side
of the river. Off to Isbania we go. Where we find our hapless Kreglar in
jail and deliver the package.