IGS Games House Campaign Adventure Notes

March 8, 2005

Author:  Douglas Jackson

Dramatis Personae-

Ludmilla Lazano (daughter of noted man around the multi-verse, Papa lazano) - Amy
Corwin (elven liberator of property, at least he claims to be an elf...) - Andy
Elgar (deposed ursurper, formerly of Snarl Swamp) - Doug

From the notes of Elgar Swampelven

... the middle of the night, Ludmilla Lazano received an intelligence that the missing inventor Lenardo, the creator of the most marvelous metal horse, was being held captive in a Demonic Pleasure Resort under the earth. The next morning she summoned myself and the liberator of personal items, Corwin, to the Lazano pizza parlor to plan an expedition to rescue Lenardo. To help us blend in at the Pleasure Palace Ludmilla purchased some tourist clothing, she called them Chippendale outfits, and presented me a green one and Corwin a black one. For herself she had purchased a dress of scarves. To carry our belongings she produced the terrific tentacled luggage of legend.

We began our journey by traveling through Papa's basement and after taking the measure of the land headed towards the Goblin city. Once there we asked some of the local residents for directions to the Pleasure Palace. Unfortunately we non of us were able to speak Goblin or even make our needs known. Ludmilla preservered and used sign and body language to try and communicate and was able to get a little information. Eventually we found the road out of town and headed in what we hoped was the correct direction. In the tunnel we took we encountered some ogres who talked with what can only be described as a German/Swiss accent. Ludmilla asked them for directions via the universal language of interpretive dance to much better effect then we had with the goblins. The ogres give us what sounds like true directions to the Demonic Pleasure Resort.

Following the Ogre's directions we came across a sleeping giant. Showing either a distinct lack of sense or of too much bravery, Corwin tried to pick the giant's pocket. After crawling into his pants and slithering into the wallet he encountered parts of cows and the lower half of a farmer. Corwin decided that the bounty wasn't worth it and we all leave the giant alone. Continuing on we encountered some lava trolls, they were rather cruel looking but not terribly smart. We managed to slip past after Ludmilla tossed a gold coin behind them and they ignored us in their mad scramble to get it.

At the end of the corridor we arrived at what we thought was the Demonic Pleasure Resort. We opened an ill treated door and are were greeted with a ramshackled room. The hi-light of the room was the map prominently displayed on the wall. Corwin made a copy of it and we used that to navigate the upper level of the Resort.

The second room of the Resort we examined had the strange label of 102 on the map, it appeared to be another armory, I guess that means that the first room we encountered was also an armory. Not much of interest was found there.

The hallway labeled 103 had many pillars in it, on the northern side of the hall we noticed two harpies flying in an agitated manner by the ceiling. Ludmilla wounded one and brought it down. I was not so lucky and only managed to frighten the other one, it squawked in terror and fled out the door. Ludmilla interrogated the harpy she had captured and learned that they were fleeing zombies but wasn't able to get anything else from it.

We split up to check the next couple of rooms, I went to the room marked 104, upon opening the door I spied six ghouls feasting on the remains of what I dared not think. Before they could react I called the charm of Ahura's Hail of Arrows to my mind and cast it forth. 17 arrows materialized and sped forth towards the foul vermin. When it was over none were left standing. Just as I had finished I heard a cry from down the corridor. Ludmilla and Corwin had gone to investigate room 107 and the cry sounded like one of them. I rushed to the door and peered in, there were six more ghouls menacing them. I steped into the room and drew my sword to assist. When we had finished there were none to bother future honest travelers. While Ludmilla and Corwin checked the room for anything interesting I went back to the scene of my earlier battle and looked around. What luck, I found some elven chain mail, and it fit! With a sigh of joy I removed my old armor and clothes and dressed in my new find. How fine it felt. I found out later that the others had found some copper pieces and a poison gas bladder. Corwin almost had his comeuppance when he started poking around at the bladder, but after a few healing potions he was almost recovered.

Once more we split up, I went to examine the room labeled 105. It contained four more ghouls which I was able to overcome with force of arms. I found some wait staff clothing that might make a good disguise and took it with me to the others.

I joined up with them in the corridor outside 105, we turned the corner looking for room 128 and spied a huge crossbow at the other end manned by a ghoul, it loosed the bolt at us but we were able to evade it. When next we looked the ghoul was gone.

We made it room 128, opening the door revealed six ghouls and an odd creature with a pumpkin for a head. I learned later that it was a bugbear. Before we could react the pumpkin head started to glow and Ludmilla grew slack faced and started to walk straight towards it. An inspiration struck and the spell Elgar's Admonishing Fist came to my mind. I cast it as quickly as I was able and was gratified to see it have the intended result, everyone around me was pushed back which separated Ludmilla from the bugbear and the ghouls. With all of us back in the corridor again Corwin slammed the door shut and we tried to snap Ludmilla out of her trance. With all of us back to our senses we again opened the door ready to rush in, but the room was empty. Examining the room we found a hollow log and inside it the bugbears private stash was revealed.

Before we went further I showed the other the fine uniforms I found for disguise and we all changed into them.

After the last scare we decide not to split up and went to room 127 as a group. Inside we found ten ghouls and the bugbear. This time none of us succumbed to the glowing pumpkin head and we manage to kill all the ghouls in short order, but when we were finished with then the bugbear had managed to get away. Examining the room we found a box with tentacles, similar to our tentacled luggage, we brought it along and added it to our luggage train.

Cautiously we crept towards room 126 and opened the door. Inside we saw the bugbear talking to an ogre. At that instant the perfect spell jumped into my mind and without hesitation I cast it. Lalsilan's Livid Lightning struck the bugbear and it's pumpkin head exploded. The startled ogre look up and started backing away, protesting that it didn't know anything about the bugbear. Ludmilla interrogated the ogre asking about it's treasure. Seemed the ogre had it's treasure nearby, cheese and sausage, and it knew where more was to be found. The ogre pleaded with us to let it join our expedition, after a quick conference Ludmilla agreed and our party was now four. Cautiously we went to the door and peered ...