IGS Games House Campaign Adventure Notes

November 11, 2004

Author:  Kirk L.

New Hamsterstein needs a big Bronze idol that is 12' and in the town of Blog. We are to meet a bartender Bob Crangle in the Redmailrog Inn.

We started out from Craig mine and traveled through the bad lands. Warm clothing was the order of the day.

Through a deal with a devil we acquired an Elephant and Cart. To which we added ropes, pullies, 5 archers and tapioca lubricant. As you can see we expected difficulties moving the statue.

Along the way we encountered a band of Rangers and Orcs. They died and we used up 4 potions getting better from our encounter. I ran out of throwing knives as usual.

We met the bartender Bob Crangle in the Redmailrog Inn. He directed us to the back of his place. Very maze like.

We followed our standard search procedure of taking every left. We found lots of stuff as a result the first item of interest was a chest with a light trap. After that we met a guy strutting his stuff behind a secret door. His name is Rutadorgos. He had ogers with him. We chose to go another way. We eventually met him again and were able to persuade him that we should be able to pass with the statue.

Behind another secret door there was a salamander statue. And beyond that another secret door and bats. Here we found a magic sward, one 5000 gems and three 1000 gems and 2000 copper. We later gave this to the bartender for the damage getting the statue out of the bar and he just put it back were we found it. Who would have guessed.

We then found an exploding scroll and a shrinking spell which made our half orc quite small. We met a bearded guy who made us fill out forms. Which then allowed us the privilege of fighting a kimera with 3 heads, I am not sure if this is the standard configurations for these creatures, and hope that I don't have further first hand knowledge. We acquired a potion, 4 gems and 4,000 copper.

Finally there were 12 cobals, 12 brownies and miraculously exited the bar with the statue and delivered it as planned.