IGS Games House Campaign Adventure Notes

September 2, 2004

Author:  Douglas Jackson

Monsters in Midgrad, Part 1

Starling Oakenbough (Half Elf on the run from Snarl Swamp) - Douglas Jackson
Selma Velas (Human keeper of the Head of Frogurt) - Andrew Walsh

- Halven - Spy in half elf farm.
- Pirates are raiding in the vicinity.
- The population of bog ogres is growing.

- Papa Lazano sends our intrepid adventures to the town of AlBurke, it is being attacked by Bog Ogres.
- The Town consists of two factions, humans louts and half elf farmers. Neither faction trusts the other.
- Evil - Sedrick (leader of humans) and his two flunkies Huldorn and Merrill.
- Evil - Witches of Lawnoaks.
- Good - Half Elves.
- Neutral - humans but many are siding with Sedrick.
- The White Wyven Inn is hangout of most of the evil characters, Sedrick and flunkies.
- For some reason there are 80 unhappy human archers?
- Off in the distance is a Ruined keep on a hill.
- Bog Ogres have slime, and they can spit it.
- The Town of AlBurke is built on an old were-rat city.
- One entrance to the old tunnels is in the White Wyven Inn, another is in the keep.
- Hovar Harrington - barkeep of the White Wyven Inn.
- Ganre pours drinks.
- Starling uses a knit cap to disguise herself arround the humans.
- Selma has fake ears to disguise herself arround half elves.

- The adventures go to the town, wander arround getting clues, talking to the half-elves and humans.
- Starling spends the night at the inn, meets up with Selma the next morning.
- They sneak down to the basement while everyone in the inn is asleep and after digging arround find the tunnel.
- They are attacked by and kill giant rats.
- They go through tunnel to explore and try to reach the keep.
- The instead come across a wizard's library.
- Starling picks up some scrolls and reads one.
- Both Starling and Selma are whisked away to somewhere else.