IGS Games House Campaign Adventure Notes

September 23, 2004

Author:  Douglas Jackson

Monsters in Midgrad, part 3

The players-
Starling Oakenbough (Half Elf on the run from Snarl Swamp) - Douglas Jackson
Elroy (the dog faced beastman) - Tim Liu

City of Alburque

- On way to assult the city and enter the Inn to make way into tunnels meet Ook-Ragula, slaver, he tries to sell a few

slave girls to us, we decline and enter town. While entering the Inn we're caught by Bob, convicned him that Starling needed water for her dog (Elroy). We sneak into basement, crawl through the rat hole into the Wizard's lab and library.

- Journy onward we come to a 4 way intersection, go straight ends at a door. Found a woman bound and hanging from the ceiling in the middle of a glowing mist. She is a 120 year old sex slave named Evelyn. We pull her from the mist with a rope and free her. She leaves. We find robes in the room and p;ut them on as a disguise.

- Next door we try has food behind it.

- Next room has 17 zombies, we see them first and fight them in the room's doorway to gain a tactical advantage. We kill them all (re-kill them?) and examine the room, it is an underground stable.

- The hallways are now tubular, looks like it was part of the old sewer system.

- We find a room with a little door, behind it are 3 giant (horse sized) scorpians, we shut the door and move on.

- The bad guy is Corwin.

- The next room has 100 zombies and skeletons in it, we battle them and emerge victorious.

- We enter a room with three suspended minotaurs and three chests near the rear wall. Examining the first chest it has a poison pin trap. The contents are 1) 2000 silver and a scroll, 2) empty but we find a false botton with 4 gold bars worth 50,000 each, 3) empty.

- We find a secret door, but are too distracted (or too dumb?) by wealth to open it.

- We go back the way we came. To the left is smells of swamp water, we go right and enter a cave with 20 ghouls. We

battle the ghouls and win. Yay us. In the center of the cave is a pile of possesions, 1 jade necklace (4000), 1 armband (6000), and 2 emeralds (8000 ea).

- We happen upon a fire lizard nest and also find more zombies and skeletons.

- We find a room with a 4 year old girl, she wandered into the White Wyvrn Inn and got lost (yeah, right). Was running away from the witches, she knows the way into a secret abode. Pumba pirates acging as go-between between the witches and the evil people taking over the town. The pirates are enslaving the Half-Elves for nefarious schemes in Lawn Oaks.

- The Girl's mother's cousin, Cultin, fell in with the pirates, she would like him freed from the cult. The pirates hang out in the town Slyther, off the Pumba river, the center fo pirate and slave activities. It is close to Lawn Oakes.

- Fuzio Vamnos - The God of the great escape and making a flashy get away.