IGS Games House Campaign Adventure Notes

September 9, 2004

Author:  Douglas Jackson

Monsters in Midgrad, Part 2

Starling Oakenbough (Half Elf on the run from Snarl Swamp) - Douglas Jackson
Selma Velas (Human keeper of the Head of Frogurt) - Andrew Walsh

- Picking up from Part 1, we are teleported to dark room with a coffin again the south wall and in the center of the room is a radient, presuasive, Fabio like person bound to pole. He tells us a tale of great tragety leading to his capture. He appears to be of easy virtue. He says that evil witches captured him. Selma preaches at him to convert him to Fumia. In retaliation Starling preaches at Selma but failes to convert her. Selma frees Fabio but he turns into a demon and attacks up. Selma is injured and Starling kills him. Inside the coffin chest is a soul sucking trap, but we resist it. Selma trades some wraith ichor and 200 gp to Starling for a healing potion.

- We open the door and are attacked by a mini-dragon, Starling is forced to kill it. We find some treasure and mini-dragon eggs.

- Next we enter a stinking room, the door is lost in illusion. There are piles of dead people - human, elves, dwarves, shiltings, everyone who has disappeared. Selma sets the bodies on fire to smoke for the glory of Fumia.

- We next enter atorture chamber, Selma took a flogger and manacles.

- A tiled floor graces the next room, it has a nice rug of the Dark Prince harvesting the people of Vinschadt with his black scyth. The room also has a lounge, a chandellabra w/ witches real, a chandellabra with non design, and lots of books.

- We exit that room and enter a room with the blowhole of a gyser in the middle. There is a dome chappel with a depression to the hole in the center, it is very hot and hard to get around, our choices are advance or turn right?

- We advance. This is a big room with a white marble pillar, there is a door at other end. 6 imps attack us and after a bloody battle are dispatched.

- The next room has a dark pool on the far side of it. Oddly enough there are 7 fully grown, starved and jittery zebras crowed as far away as they can get from the pool at other end. We heal Selma up and give her the ichor back. There is no other door we can find, so not wanting to approach the pool we backtrack and turn right.

- Turning right we come upon a witch talking to some bats. Selma tries to convert her but she will have nothing to do with that, she attacks us with the bats and casts a spell at Selma. With a scream Selma flees and is chased by the bats. Thinking she has an opportunity, Starling attacks the witch, but isn't fast enough, the witch casts another spell and Starling runs away screaming. Past the gyser room Starling calms down and helps Selma kill the bats. While we discuss was to get past the witch we don't notice that there is a demon sneaking up on us. With a wrenching snap it tears off Selms's head, leaving its malice for Starling. Starling and the demon battle and Starling is the victor. She takes Selma's body and head back to the first room. There is an open secret door there leading to a cavern. Using her boots of leaping Starling manages to attain the surface with Selma's body. She goes to the temple of Frogurt and pleads for Selma's life. It was costly but the priests agree to resurect Selma.