Date Location Category Event
0001 World Gods Exodus of the Titans.
0001 Margolia Wizards The First Council of Wizards is formed.
0001 Margolia Ix Ix is born to a prostitute in the border town of Vicissitude.
0007 World Gods Knarl, the god of the forge, gifts a mortal with the Horn of Calling.
0012 Margolia Ix Ix dies for the first time when he is trampled to death by a heard of stampeding bison. He reappears in town, strengthened and renewed
0019 Margolia Ix Ix begins travelling the world, only to die horribly over and over again.
0035 Margolia Ix Ix dies for the 4th time when he is ripped to shreds by wild weasels.
0036 Margolia Ix Ix dies for the 6th time when he participates in a lethal fish slapping contest, mackerel verses carp.
0109 Margolia Politics The original council of the Flint Hegemeny collapses into disorder.
0250 Margolia Wizards,Heroes,Politics Menskathulus, Xanthus, and the Bishop found the first Wizards Guild in the back room of the Dragon and Rose Gentlemen's Club.
0254 Margolia Ix Ix dies for the 45th time when he is run over by a dung cart.
0275 Margolia Wizards The Menskathulus Grimoire reaches wide circulation.
0299 Margolia Ix Ix dies for the 67th time after contracting potato rot.
0721 Margolia Ix Ix dies for the 164th time when he is purposefully buried alive.
0723 Margolia Ix Ix dies for the 165th time when he is accidently dug up after being buried alive in 721.
0744 Margolia Politics Xilu Ironbeak leads the forces of the Margolian Dictatorship to victory at the battle of Folu, completely crushing the Gab-Abu Alliance.
0812 Margolia Heroes Xilu Ironbeak disappears in a puff of magick leaving nothing but his weapons and armor, which are entombed in his honor.
0993 Margolia Ix Ix dies for the 187th time during a skiing holiday on Mount Forlorne.
1001 Margolia Ix The premiere abby of Ix is created upon the top of Mount Forlorne.
1113 Margolia Politics The Citadel of Wind is destroyed by rampaging trolls.
1225 Midgrad Dragons The dragon Gargzageroth goes to sleep beneath the Ravenswood.
1464 Margolia Politics The Zephyr Mages found a new Dynasty of the Air.
1499 Margolia Wizards,Politics The First Council of Wizards is dissolved.
1512 Margolia Wizards,Politics The Second Council of Wizards is formed.
1515 Margolia Wizards,Politics The Second Council of Wizards collapses into a pit of kaos. The Third Council of Wizards is formed.
1701 Margolia Wizards,Politics The Third Council of Wizards abdicates control to the Wizards Guild.
1955 Margolia Wizards,Politics The Fourth Council of Wizards is formed as an inner circle of the Wizards Guild.
2003 Nordstrad Politics Human sailors from Margolia discover a new continent to the west; Captain Slarnath names the continent New Margolia.
2074 Nordstrad Politics Margolian settlers found the first permanent human settlement of New Margolia.
2401 Margolia Disasters Marglolia sinks beneath the ocean. All occupants are killed.
2733 Midgrad Heroes Lady Fiona Ranz disappears in the Travelling Keep.
2888 Midgrad Politics Kodada is crowned the first queen of Myseria.
2923 Dania Politics Sireska Yaradas is crowned the first queen of Dania.
3000 Nordstrad Ix Ix dies for the 542nd time when he accidently walks into a tree.
3222 Midgrad Politics The Dragon Fist monastery is founded in the mountains of Myseria.
3388 Dania Politics The Iron Fist monastery is founded in the sand dunes of Dania.
3479 Midgrad Politics Orcs invade the dwarven capital of the grey sky mountains.
3540 Midgrad Politics Clans of surface dwarves break away from their underground brethren.
3877 Midgrad Politics Jada Ragerok is crowned the first queen of Ionia.
3959 Lusia Politics The witch doctors of the swamps found the First Snake Dynasty in Lusia.
4554 Midgrad Politics Widgrak the dwarf is crowned the first king of Sconsia.
4832 Midgrad Politics The Rat Lords end their thousand year struggle.
4837 Nordstrad Politics The Empire of Nordstrad, also known as the Evil Empire, is founded with its capital at the underground city of New Margolia.
4922 Kragmar Politics Malrogs burrow out from beneath the Volcano of Blood.
4924 Kragmar Politics The Empire of Kragmar is founded by malrogs, uniting the orcish and hobgoblin kingdoms of the north.
4926 Kragmar Politics The last of the free orcish tribes of Kragmar is enslaved by the malrogs.
5000 Kragmar Ix Ix dies for the 921st time when he is served as an omelet.
5011 Kragmar,Midgrad Politics A tribe of shiltings from Sconsia travel to Kragmar after a big fight over shiny things; the first shiznits appear.
5157 Midgrad Heroes Rinia Destri is born outside Schteinberg, a dwarven brewing town in Sconsia.
5186 Midgrad Heroes Rinia Destri defeats the Orc Shaman Garlgut.
5194 Midgrad Politics,Heroes General Rinia Destri leads her forces in victory against barbarian raiders. She crowns herself Queen Destri I of Ilnia in the capital of Bervyn.
5207 Midgrad Politics,Heroes Queen Destri I begins a holy war against the daemon Drek.
5208 Midgrad Politics,Heroes,Wizards Drek is defeated and forced underground when Phaliz Daemonherd calls down the City in the Clouds to crash upon its head.
5209 Midgrad Heroes,Wizards The great magician Phaliz Daemonherd seals the undercity with magickal barriers.
5210 Midgrad Politics,Heroes The city of Vindstadt is founded by Queen Destri I; rebuilding of the city begins.
5212 Midgrad Politics The capital of Ilnia is moved to Vindstadt.
5245 Midgrad Politics,Heroes Abdule Fingers Mahoney founds the Thieves Guild of Vindstadt.
5247 Midgrad Heroes Abdule Fingers Mahoney is killed in a freak catapult accident while attempting to single handedly rob the royal treasury.
5253 Midgrad Ix The great temple to Ix is founded in Vindstadt at the sight of Ix's 975th death after choking on a weasel sausage sandwich.
5438 Midgrad Politics,Wizards,Heroes Phaliz calls up remnants of the City in the Clouds to create Stars Tower, founding the Ilnian chapter of the Wizards Guild in Vindstadt.
5496 World Fungus Invaders arrive from the stars, marking the beginning of the fungus wars.
5497 World Fungus The dark elves ally themselves with the fungus invaders.
5498 World Fungus Grom-Seamer, the World Tunnel, and the Ignome city of Grom Meager are taken by the fungus invaders. Refugees flee the fungus invaders to the surface world, aided by the great Ignome magician From-Lameer.
5512 Midgrad Heroes,Fungus Phaliz freezes the great lake, thereby saving Vindstadt from the fungus invaders.
5547 Bajaca Ix Ix dies for the 1000th time in a freak surfing accident in Bajaca and disappears from the mortal world.
5549 World Fungus The last city of the surface world is recaptured from the fungus invaders.
5567 Hypnoboria Politics,Fungus The Battle of the Mothership and the destruction of the last of the fungus fortresses.
5572 Midgrad Heroes Prince Dorial of Snarl Swamp is born.
5601 Midgrad Heroes Phaliz introduces the horn dog as an aid to sport hunters.
5623 Midgrad Wizards Stars Tower mysteriously glows as bright as the sun for three weeks.
5623 Midgrad Incident Introduction of smoked glass eye wear to Vindstadt.
5623 Midgrad Heroes Phaliz disappears for the last time.
5654 Zonia Disasters Maggots rain down on Phoenix Crag.
5666 Midgrad Incident Deardra's Palace of Dark Delights opens in Vindstadt.
5696 Nordstrad Politics The Blood Clock is unveiled in the Evil Empire. Riots ensue.
5701 Midgrad Heroes Danke, the son of King Destri XX of Ilnia is born.
5707 Midgrad Heroes King Destri XX of Ilnia is killed by giant rat invaders.
5723 Zonia Heroes Kamar Kecil and Chizelthug take an assignment from the high priest of Foom the Woc God in Phoenix Crag.
5723 Zonia Gods Chizelthug is killed in Zonia by desert thieves. He apotheoses soon thereafter.
5724 Zonia Gods Kamar Kecil apotheoses in Zonia after he is eaten by gigantic slime beasts.
5724 Midgrad Politics,Heroes Danke and his allies lay siege to the southern kingdoms.
5724 Midgrad Heroes Danke begins his quest for the Horn of Calling.
5725 Midgrad Politics,Heroes Danke unites Ilnia, Sconsia, and Ionia, and names himself Emperor Destri XXI of Midgrad.
5725 Midgrad Heroes Emperor Destri XXI exterminates all rats in Vindstadt.
5725 Midgrad Wizards The Wizards Guild seals the sewers of Vindstadt, extending the magickal barriers of Phaliz.
5735 Midgrad Politics,Heroes Pug the Archer, Marla the Thief, Gregor Ironclaw, Brine the Healer, and Pordrew Weaselkin, the great heroes of Bervyn, defeat the Daemon of Skylake, and return the crown of Bervyn to the rightful Duke.
5748 Midgrad Politics,Heroes Pordrew defeats the great lizard totem of Argk to become the new Lizard Khan.
5760 Midgrad Politics Emperor Destri XXII signs a peace accord with the kingdoms of Myseria and Dania.
5762 Midgrad Heroes Pordrew Lizard Khan dies on his wedding night at the age of sixty two.
5772 Midgrad Incident B.B.Bumble opens a trading company branch in Vindstadt.
5774 Nordstrad Politics The Evil Empire of Nordstrad initiates a program of racial cleansing. Nonhumans flee the Empire.
5776 Nordstrad Politics Founding of Pinerot Shire internment and rehabilitation camp in the Evil Empire after the entire population of the town mysteriously disappear.
5776 Nordstrad Gods,Heroes Sivle the elf and a dwelf companion flee west from the Evil Empire by griffin during a raging storm. Sivle finds the Golden Chariot in a mountain fortress in Pensik. Both Sivle and his companion are killed by the Inquisition. Apotheosis of Sivle in Pensik.
5777 Midgrad Politics Ranke becomes Emperor Destri XXIII of Midgrad.
5777 Midgrad Gods The Temple of the Blue Beetle God in Vindstadt is closed down and boarded up.
5777 Nordstrad Politics,Gods The cult of Sivle is founded. Nonhuman partisans harass the Evil Empire of Nordstrad.
5778 Midgrad Gods A temple to Thorek the Cockroach God opens in Vindstadt.
5778 Midgrad Incident,Heroes Papa Lazano opens the Pasta Palace in Vindstadt.
5778 Midgrad Politics,Heroes Papa Lazano and B. B. Bumble found the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce in Vindstadt.Other members include Mistress Deidre, Horatio Kramtree, Lorna Sinseer, and Blossum the Apothecary.
5779 World Fungus The Ignome city of Grom Meager is freed from the fungus infestation.
5780 World Incident Ignome light crystals enter wide circulation.
5780 Midgrad Politics,Heroes The merman hero Doink leads an unsuccessful raid on the docks of Vindstadt.
5780 Tenesia,Midgrad,Nordstrad Politics Tenesia, backed by the Evil Empire, harasses the southern reaches of Ilnia.
5780 Midgrad Politics The Duchess of Bervyn is clandestinely poisoned by her court magician Helga. The Duchess' daughter ascends to the throne.
5781 Midgrad Politics The young Duchess of Bervyn is kidnapped by the witches of Lawnoaks. The Duchess' cousin Miliwak becomes the new Duke.
5781 Midgrad Heroes,Politics Phroboque becomes the new Lizard Khan when he covers himself with dragon dung at the advice of a shaman, sneaks past a dragon, stumbles into the tomb of Pordrew, and emerges with the magickal sword of the Lizard Khan.
5781 Midgrad Heroes,Politics Old heroes and Phroboque Lizard Khan train papa's rabble to help restore the rightful Duchess to the throne of Bervyn.
5781 Midgrad Incident The rats return to Vindstadt, and the Ratcatcher's Guild Hall is reopened.
5782 Midgrad Incident Vild Kaninchen founds the Big Wind Actor's Studio in Vindstadt.
5782 Midgrad Disasters Storms rage for three weeks straight in Ilnia. The rats are washed away. The Pasta Palace is closed.
5782 Midgrad Incident Grog of the Gods, the heavenly brew, is introduced to Vindstadt, for sale only at the Pasta Palace.
5782 Midgrad Politics,Heroes Krofer becomes grand master and assumes control of the Dragon Fist monastery in Myseria.
5783 Midgrad Politics,Heroes Prince Elgar thwarts an orcish raid on Vindstadt. Prince Elgar's triumphant travels out west.
5783 Midgrad Heroes Teeba dies for the first time in an underground temple of Drek.
5783 Midgrad Incident B.B.Bumble gains access to Grog of the Gods, and opens wholesale distribution channels to all paying customers.
5783 Midgrad Heroes After an adventure inside an enchanted mirror, Rodames introduces charlobytes to Midgrad.
5784 Midgrad Heroes Elgar begins biological warfare experimentation and clandestinely creates the first cadre of rabid swamp elf border guards.
5784 Midgrad Gods,Disasters The temple of the beetle god reopens in Vindstadt. The priests begin a recruitment campaign by healing the sick and dispensing moneys to the poor. A plague of garden beetles descends on Vidstadt. A hordes of garden snakes put an end to the beetle plague.
5784 Midgrad Politics Doink the merman leads a devastating week long pillage of the lakeshore of Vindstadt. The merman are finally repulsed by a combined effort of the killer gorilla royal guard and a mysterious horde of barbarians.
5784 Midgrad Politics Hershomish becomes the new Lizard Khan after the death of Phroboque.
5786 Midgrad Politics,Heroes Wizard King Dorial of Snarl Swamp disappears. Prince Elgar becomes regent in his father's absence. Prince Elgar begins a repressive campaign of "separate but equal" between human and elven races.
5786 Midgrad Heroes Dwayne the mad scientist dwarf and Rodames the mage succeed in reincarnating Teeba, but find that she is possessed by a daemon.The monster creating machine and pool of wonders are lost when the cave collapses. Dwayne and his humans escape through the magick of Rodames. An inordinate number of monsters migrate to Ilnia to join the daemon Teeba.
5787 Midgrad Heroes Teeba joins forces with her army of monsters and moves to the undercity.
5787 Midgrad Heroes,Politics Prince Elgar announces mandatory registration for all half elves in Snarl Swamp. Happy Acres Internment Camp is opened in Snarl Swamp. Half elves flee. Elgar frees the Army of Thorns. Elgar decrees that his father is deceased, and he takes the title of King Elgar the First.
5787 Midgrad Disasters Charlobytes burn down half of the Norvold.
5788 Midgrad Heroes,Politics King Elgar rips out his own left eye after he is introduced to his four year old half elven son. King Dorial returns to Snarl Swamp. Elgar is banished for of his abuse of power. Elavitra the Baba Yaga of Snarl Swamp foretells the defeat of the elves at the hands of Elgar Zombie King. The high elves prepare magickal barriers to protect their island fortress.
5788 Midgrad Heroes Rackthar lays seige to Squatmouse Tower and exact his revenge on the wizardess Nettachello. "The most wonderful thing in the world" is destroyed. Squatmouse tower burns to the ground. The wizardess Nettachello disappears in the conflagration.
5790 Midgrad Heroes The Ring of Elgar and the Ring of Lalsilan are crafted by the Dwarves of Misty Mountain in western Myseria.