Where Is The Adventure This Week?

d100 Roll Location
1          along the aquaduct
2          along the caravan trail
3          at Bob's house
4          at a barbarian village
5          at a dangerous crossroads
6          at a haunted keep
7          at a military camp
8          at a nomad desert oasis
9          at a recent battlefield
10          at a traveller's inn
11          at a wizard's cottage
12          at an ancient battlefield
13          at an elven grove
14          at an enchanted pool
15          at an enchanted waterfall
16          at an orcish village
17          at some wacky commune
18          at the basalt tower
19          at the circus
20          at the crystal keep
21          at the eternal springs
22          at the forgotten burial cairns
23          at the fortress of ultimate evil
24          at the guild hall
25          at the ivy covered standing stones
26          at the knick knack shop
27          at the leper colony
28          at the local bandit hideout
29          at the lost burial mounds
30          at the market bazaar
31          at the old mill
32          at the old temple
33          at the robber baron's keep
34          at the royal estates
35          at the royal granery
36          at the tar pits
37          at the troll bridge
38          at the vampire's castle
39          down at the docks
40          down at the local pub
41          down in the sewer
42          in a city under seige
43          in a dark alley
44          in a dragon's mountain lair
45          in a dwarven mine
46          in a faerie mound
47          in a giant's castle
48          in a secluded monastary
49          in a shilting shire
50          in a witch's cave
51          in an abandoned town
52          in someones lower basement
53          in the ancient forgotten ruins
54          in the barrow of a wight
55          in the belly of a whale
56          in the castle in the clouds
57          in the combat arena
58          in the crypt of the recently deceased
59          in the deepest darkest jungle
60          in the deepest woods
61          in the desert wastes
62          in the dinosaur jungle
63          in the disease ridden swamps
64          in the elven caves
65          in the enchanted ice cavern
66          in the frozen wastes
67          in the gravel pits
68          in the ignome tunnels
69          in the king's castle
70          in the land of dreams
71          in the land of the gods
72          in the limestone caves
73          in the mystic library
74          in the netherworld
75          in the old mine
76          in the old well
77          in the royal dungeons
78          in the royal garden
79          in the sea wracked lighthouse
80          in the seaside caverns
81          in the slave pits
82          in the temple ruins
83          in the troll caves
84          in the undercity
85          in the wrong part of town
86          lost in the labyrinth
87          marooned on a deserted island
88          on a frozen mountain top
89          on a ghost ship
90          on a magick carpet ride
91          on a pleasure barge
92          on a riverboat
93          on an alien spaceship
94          on the forbidden plateau
95          on the howling plains
96          on the kaos rapids
97          on the riverfront
98          shipboard on the high seas
99          through the magick mirror
100          dude, you really do not want to know

Copyright 2013, John Sasso. All rights reserved.