It's a Clue

Don't ask us what it means. It's a mystery!

D100 Roll Clues
1 feather on the ground
2 paint chip in the clump of hair
3 small animal corpse
4 blonde hair in the wine glass
5 smell of roses in the cupboard
6 rose petal in the wound
7 black rose at the crime scene
8 leather awl with the initials A.M.R. embedded in the eye socket
9 glove covered in dried blood
10 white wagon off the side of the road with two dead horses
11 kite in the tree with a noose tied in the line
12 leather mask with a zipper over the mouth
13 black daemon skin kilt crumpled in the corner
14 severed head of Ix screaming the name of his killer
15 well poached herring
16 cat hairball with a key in it
17 splash of green paint
18 broken pumpkin
19 basket of green moldy oranges
20 tightly wound ball of string
21 pile of bricks and mortar
22 footprints of a one legged man
23 half eaten sandwich
24 uncooked leg of lamb
25 angry pedestrian
26 mob of villagers with pitchforks and torches
27 burning pile of hay
28 glass eye
29 peg leg
30 graffiti on the walls
31 blood stained shirt
32 piece of tattooed skin
33 small pile of orange pips
34 blood on the alter
35 patch of onions in the drawer
36 meat cleaver embedded in the table
37 empty tool drawer
38 unconscious naked man in a trench coat holding a mask
39 half finished portrait painting
40 drying bucket of plaster
41 dead squirrel
42 rusty bottom
43 fly trap
44 bear trap with blood and a scrap of cloth
45 map
46 scroll tube case
47 broken toothpick
48 sword embedded in the town guard
49 broken sword shard
50 dogs that can no longer bark
51 card with illegible writing
52 black boot with mud on it
53 muddy footprints
54 overturned bucket
55 broken glass
56 dead cat burgler with an axe in his back
57 dead rat with a cracker in its mouth
58 box of Ixian holy crackers
59 sun bloated orange ruffy
60 half eaten basket of bread
61 book with three pages ripped out
62 three pages ripped out of a book
63 cats eye glass marble
64 bloody dagger
65 rubber mask in the visage of Papa Lazano
66 pile of tin soldiers
67 large tube wrapped with rope containing flint and sulphur
68 inflated goat bladder
69 deflated goat bladder
70 flint knife
71 roll of bloody bandages
72 squeaky hinge
73 Misses Tuttle, the nosy neighbor
74 orc nose ring
75 dead manticore in the living room
76 severed ear
77 broken chair
78 pipe with a large beetle inside
79 semiprecious jewel
80 statue of a hippopotamus with a depression in its head
81 broken board
82 door with a broken lock
83 pinky ring with the pinky still in it
84 priest hole
85 entrance to the tunnel
86 concealed mine shaft
87 broken branches on the bush
88 flower pot with fake flowers
89 large butler with shifty eyes
90 used handkerchief
91 sealed jewelry box
92 picnic basket
93 stain on the rug
94 stable empty of horses
95 broken branch on the tree
96 pack of wild children
97 crushed top hat
98 unfinished meal
99 knocked over ladder
100 boot with a foot still in it

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