Scenes in the Crystal Ball

Sometimes the visions are prophetic, sometimes a warning, or sometimes just the wrong channel.

d100 Roll Scene
1          polo matches from Nordstrad
2          rugby from Midgrad
3          horse racing from Lusia
4          the local cheeseball game
5          the wizard's weather service
6          the crypto necro news hour
7          relaxing sea scapes
8          brothel cam
9          scenes of lava and hellfire
10          scenes of tortured souls
11          the biography of Phaliz the Wizard
12          an infomercial with Bob the Big Mad Malrog
13          the interdimensional travel show
14          static
15          someone's basement
16          sewage flowing in the sewers
17          a cat stalking a rat in a dark alley
18          a mugging in a dark alley
19          a great battle
20          a castle siege
21          sunrise over the sea
22          sunset over the mountains
23          a busy pub
24          a busy market
25          a deserted city
26          tumbleweed blowing in the desert
27          a big eye staring back at you
28          the equestrian finals
29          an overturned wagon on the turnpike
30          a smiling pink gargoyle face
31          fog, smoke, and haze
32          ants, no, it's people way down there
33          torture in the emporer's dungeon
34          rerun of the royal wedding
35          a cabalistic test pattern
36          a guy in a pointy hat explaining "if this had been a real emergency..."
37          mountain scapes
38          a goat herd
39          a puma hunting deer
40          wolves on the hunt
41          a cave full of bats
42          Bajacan fashions
43          two old wizards arguing about politics
44          a tree
45          paint drying
46          a treasure chest at the bottom of the sea
47          an orcish shaman yelling about something
48          a troll sitting quietly on a chest
49          pirates boarding a ship
50          a page of a book
51          a still beating heart
52          braziers burning in a temple
53          satyrs and nymphs frollicking in the woods
54          two thieves whispering in a darkened pub
55          a flag waving in the breeze
56          a military parade
57          brigands around a campfire
58          farmers toiling in the fields
59          a desolate snow covered plain
60          midwife assisting a childbirth
61          a rabbit hunt through the eyes of a hawk
62          a burning candle
63          a cackling witch spewing curses
64          an elvish festival
65          orcs celebrating after a victory
66          dwarves toiling in the mines
67          a cloudy night sky
68          a full moon
69          a stampede of wildebeast
70          a shilting cooking lunch
71          snow falling in the mountains
72          a tropical ree full of colorful birds
73          a babbling brook in the forest
74          rioters fighting the city guard
75          a man dying from a battle wound
76          a dragon torching a village
77          a daemon rising from the earth
78          a laughing flying flaming skull
79          an idyllic meadow
80          a woman riding full tilt across a blasted landscape
81          gems, lots of sparkling gems
82          a cave of ice
83          strange writing scrolling upward
84          dead bodies in the aftermath of battle
85          a geyser
86          worms eating a dead body
87          a girl picking flowers
88          a troll prowling in the woods
89          people on a pleasant picnic
90          a shadow filled picture gallery
91          scenes from your youth
92          scenes of your death
93          a scene of someone familiar looking gazing into a crystal ball
94          dwarves forging a sword
95          armorers producing the products of war
96          the queen standing victorious on the field of battle
97          young folks skinny dipping
98          people fishing
99          blood dripping from the sky
100          a spider wrapping a fly in its web

Copyright 2013, John Sasso. All rights reserved.