What brings you to this god forsaken hellhole?

What brings otherwise sane people to a place of death and horror?

d100 Roll Reason for being here
1          Abandoned all hope, so entered here
2          Airship crashed and landed here
3          Bat watching
4          Big wind picked me up and dropped me here
5          Blasphemed against the wrong god
6          Boasted that I would kill a monster
7          Carried away on the Akashik stream
8          Catching giant rats to feed my giant snake
9          Caught in the flood and washed in here
10          Chased in here by a band of orcs
11          Chased in here by a band of wolves
12          Chasing the magick talking frog that will make me rich
13          Clandestine drug deal
14          Come to rescue the prince/princess
15          Crafty imp teleported me here
16          Defeated soldiers escaping the enemy
17          Eaten by a giant monster and shit out here
18          Escaped after being thrown down the pit for a religious sacrifice
19          Fell asleep in the faerie circle and woke up here
20          Fell down the well
21          Fell into a deep pit
22          Felt a call
23          Followed the will-o-the-wisp
24          Following a ghost
25          Frugal shopper, looking for bargains
26          Getting out of the rain
27          Got drunk, passed out, and woke up here
28          Got dumped by boyfriend/girlfriend and looking for a fight
29          Got lost in the dark
30          Got lost in the fog
31          Heard a scream and came in to investigate
32          Hiding from an evil wizard
33          Hiding from my husband/wife
34          Hiding from unrequitted love
35          Hitched a ride on a falling star
36          Hunting something big to hang its head on my wall
37          I had a vision that I would come to this place
38          Insulted the wrong wizard
39          Jumped down the rabbit hole
40          Keeping out of the sun
41          Knocked out by bandits and woke up here
42          Live for danger
43          Live to fight monsters
44          Looking for a blacksmith because my horse threw a shoe
45          Looking for a new place to live, preferably a fixer upper
46          Looking for a rare butterfly that I chased in here
47          Looking for a snipe that I chased in here
48          Looking for adventure
49          Looking for someplace to keep the monster
50          Looking for the bowling alley
51          Looking for the center of the earth
52          Lost a bet and have to follow through
53          Lost in the caves
54          Lost in the sewers
55          Magick cloud picked me up and carried me here
56          Much better than the pit we went to last year
57          My god told me to come here
58          My idea of a good vacation
59          Need adventurous stories for a new song
60          Need to blood my new sword
61          Plumber, come to fix the pipes
62          Rumors of gold and riches
63          Safer that facing the loanshark about my gambling debt
64          Searching for a lost relic
65          Searching for a plague cure
66          Searching for a rare mushroom
67          Searching for a rare ore
68          Searching for alchemical ingredients
69          Searching for any signs of the last expedition
70          Searching for gold
71          Searching for holy relics
72          Searching for lost tomes
73          Searching for my lost cat
74          Searching for rare gems
75          Searching for that leprechaun's pot of gold
76          Searching for the source of that haunting music
77          Sent here by the elders as a right of passage
78          Sent on a quest by my leader
79          Sheriff looking for thieves
80          Sign said free beer
81          Snake wrangling
82          Soldiers looking for enemy
83          Stretching my legs, getting some exercise
84          Sucked down the drain while taking a bath
85          Surface world is for the birds
86          There's a dragon outside, and this place seemed like the safer choice
87          Thieves hiding from the sheriff
88          This is where the coach let me off
89          This place reminds me of home
90          Thought this was a shortcut
91          Transporter accident
92          Usual pit was all booked up this week
93          Walked through a magickal mirror
94          Walked through a magickal portal
95          Want to test my skills
96          Want to write a new saga
97          Went to the outhouse and pulled down by a muck monster
98          Wizard friend's practical joke
99          Woke a sleeping dragon who teleported me here
100          Zapped by lightning and showed up here

Copyright 2013, John Sasso. All rights reserved.