Pouch Contents

It is amazing what some people carry around with them. How did that get in there, anyway?

d100 Roll Items
1          one samolian
2          a lump of coal, and a small bottle of ink
3          snake bones
4          a red silk g-string, a fake mustache, and a human tooth
5          spearmint leaves
6          rivets
7          a match, a silver key, and a shark's tooth
8          dried roots
9          crumbled dried leaves
10          a small iron cube, a candle stub, and a small piece of flint
11          dust
12          a human ear, and a gold earring
13          a toothpick, an apple core, and a skeleton key
14          mold
15          popcorn
16          a gold and diamond ring, and a pair of bat's wings
17          glass marbles
18          a gold ring, a shoe lace, and a lump of wax
19          ivory dice
20          saw dust
21          a pair of goblin gonads, and 5 samolians
22          a glowing crystal, and a lizard claw
23          slime
24          a lock pick, a glass monacle, and a piece of moldy cheese
25          muchus
26          feathers
27          a crumpled piece of tin foil, and a tooth pick
28          grease
29          gravel
30          one meter of twine, and a silver ring
31          dried figs
32          dried dates
33          a wood nail, and a dried piece of camel dung
34          a lock of blonde hair, and a moldy orange rine
35          grit
36          pearls
37          mint leaves
38          a wood screw, a whale bone button, and an arrow head
39          a bolt, and a piece of pork jerkey
40          basil leaves
41          pepper corns
42          a peach pit, a bit of string, and a coin sized wooden disk
43          seseme seeds
44          a cat's tail, an orchid bulb, and 1 pazuza
45          aluminum dust
46          a dead mouse
47          one pazuza, a little black book, and a pocket knife
48          a dead snake
49          gold dust
50          a snake head, a diamond, and a pencil stub
51          diamond dust
52          lead ore
53          confetti
54          golden glitter
55          a rattlesnake tail, a prune pit, and a silver bell
56          a dog tooth, and a moldy fish tail
57          tea leaves
58          potpouri
59          a dradel, a live spider, and an emerald
60          cinammon
61          salt
62          a wooden top, a shrimp tail, and a pair of silver earrings
63          a rubber ball, a dried fish head, and a sewing needle
64          ground pepper
65          oregano
66          vanilla beans
67          peanuts
68          a rat's tail, and a rotten pigeon's egg
69          a silk condum, a live centipede, a keychain, and a gold nugget
70          a small jade statuette of Smidgedy, and a dead bug
71          cashews
72          coffee beans
73          a rubber balloon, and a piece of flint
74          jacks
75          a live mouse
76          shards of glass
77          another pouch which contains another empty pouch
78          oats
79          wheat flour
80          a human finger, a moldy peach, and a raven feather
81          a silver Frogurt charm, a dog bisket, and a fish hook
82          ground barley
83          pipe weed
84          a bear tooth, a key, and 2 samolians
85          tobacco
86          human hair
87          a lint covered piece of hard candy
88          sticky used chewing gum, an egg timer, and a crow's foot
89          feces
90          bird seed
91          a semiprecious gem, and a spool of black thread
92          straw
93          sand
94          a ruby, 3 pazuzas, and several cat's whiskers
95          lint
96          cookie crumbs
97          prunes
98          raisons
99          flower and vegetable seeds
100          nothing but air

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