Nonlethal Subdual

Some ways for the game master to subdue those pesky player characters without actually killing them.

d100 Roll Subdual
1          Throw nets over them
2          Magick wand or spell of paralysis
3          Throw a glass ball to the ground and release sleep gas
4          Slow acting sleep potion in well or spring
5          Drop a portcullis down behind the party
6          A pit opens and the party slides down into a cell
7          Fall into an unclimbable narrow pit; goblins crawl down to rope and tie them
8          Surround them with fifty orcs and force them to surrender
9          Giant picks one up and puts him or her into a giant jar or cage
10          Take a hostage; force them to surrender or kill the hostage
11          Knock them unconscious and leave them for dead
12          Get them to drink shrink potions; capture in jars or cages
13          Turn them into stone statues
14          Capture them in a magick mirror or gem
15          Seduce them with a succubus, incubus, or lotus eaters
16          Change them into non-intelligent animals
17          Turn them into ghosts and take their bodies
18          Take their souls and hide them away in strange places
19          Catch them in giant sticky spider webs
20          Cover in quick drying cement
21          Cover the floor in sticky glue
22          Catch them in a tar pit
23          Catch them in quick sand
24          The sonic transducer
25          Point a super destructive weapon at them and force them to surrender
26          Levitate them up and hold them there
27          Hypnotize them with mind power
28          Get them hooked on drugs and threaten to cut off the supply
29          Pay them off with gold and gems
30          Create an illusion of an authority figure to boss them around
31          Lock them in an endless maze
32          Create an illusion of a maze
33          Trip them with a rope
34          Bear traps
35          Trap them between two huge monsters
36          Giant bird or flying lizard picks them up and carries them away
37          Swollowed by a monster that spits them up later
38          Strand them on an island in a lake of molten lava
39          Blow gun darts with paralysis poison
40          Shock them with lightning
41          Sneak up and conk them on the back of the head
42          Tie their show laces together
43          Imprison in a magickal sphere of energy
44          Feet grabbed by gnomes
45          Carried away by sylphs
46          Carried away by undines
47          Carried away by a great wind
48          A magickal rug curls up around them
49          Seduced to dance to magickal music
50          Put to sleep by magickal music
51          Trap them in their dreams
52          After they enter a room, take away the door
53          After they repel down a pit, take away the rope
54          Charm them with a kind smile
55          Lie to them and convince them that you are really the good guy
56          Fill up the room with water and leave one straw for each which dispenses barely enough air to stay alive
57          Frighten them to run into the corner and hide
58          Take away their bones with a magickal spell
59          Bite off their feet
60          Blind them with a magickal spell
61          Poison them and withhold the antidote
62          After they enter a big box, close the lid and ship them off to someplace else
63          Offer them good health and dental benefits
64          Give them headaches with poison and withhold the pain killers
65          Make them impotent or frigid with magick and withhold the antidote
66          Have an elephant sit on them
67          Steal their brains while they are sleeping
68          Steal their hearts while they are sleeping
69          Offer them sex
70          Teleport them to a new dimension
71          Teleport them to a new planet
72          Teleport them to a mountain top
73          Creeping vines entangle them
74          Lasso and hog tie them
75          Throw daggers to pin their clothes to the wall
76          Get them to hold a rope and then take away the floor
77          Take away their memories with magick
78          Take away their toys and threaten to break them
79          Blackmail them with embarrasing knowledge
80          Throw coconuts at their heads to knock them out
81          Feed them a really big meal and tie them up when they are sleeping
82          Get them really drunk and tie them up when they are sleeping
83          Turn them into narcoleptics with magick and tie them up when they are sleeping
84          Threaten to tell an authority figure that they are behaving naughty
85          Have a ghoul or other undead drain their strength
86          Have ghosts possess their bodies
87          Leave cursed boots laying around that can be controlled when worn
88          Leave cursed articulated platemail laying around that can be controlled when worn
89          Grab them with giant octopus tentacles
90          Hypnotise them with psychadelic lights
91          Swap their minds with small animals
92          Swap their minds amongst each other
93          Offer them fame and glory to switch sides
94          Bind them with magickal chains or ropes
95          Fill the room with poisonous snakes which will not bite if they do not move
96          Offer to fulfill their dreams
97          Leave them thirsty and withhold water from them
98          Throw coughing dust to incapacitate them
99          Convince them that you are a diety
100          Pretend to be a lost princess and boss them around

Copyright 2013, John Sasso. All rights reserved.