Tunnels and Trolls

Tunnels and Trolls is a game created by Ken St. Andre. It was the second fantasy role playing game ever published. The rules are designed for fun over complexity, and are ideally suited for both game mastering and solo adventuring.

These items are designed for use with the Tunnels and Troll version 7.5 rules. All of these are free for download and personal use.

Game Master Adventures:

Huckleberries and Tentacles for Tunnels and Trolls v1 (pdf)

Solo Adventures:

Down in the Sewer for Tunnels and Trolls v1.1 (pdf)


Common Potions (pdf)

Common Magic Items (pdf)

Common Magic Wands (pdf)

Weapons for Larger Creatures (pdf)


New Kindreds Used in the House Campaign (pdf)

Monster Kindreds from the House Campaign (pdf)

House Rules:

Spells Lists for Specialist Magicians(pdf)

Broad and Narrow Talents (pdf)


Index of Commonly Available Solo Adventures (pdf)

Charts of Optimal Weapons, One and Two Handed (pdf)

Chart of All Rules for Each Character Type

Monster Rating Calculator

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